Terms of delivery and payment

Terms of delivery and payment valid in our Online Store until further notice.

Our Online Store products are sold by Naka Finland Oy, Business ID FI29395907. In our Online Store, we sell products to adult individuals in Finland and rest of Europe. By placing an order in our Online Store, you agree to the applicable delivery and payment terms.

We reserve the right to change any price and delivery cost. In a special case, the price of the product may be adjusted after the order if there is a clear mistake in the pricing or the price is abnormally low in relation to the general price level (Legal Transactions Act, Article 32).

Products shall be ordered online at www.nakafinland.fi. To expedite the order process, you can register and create a customer account. It is also possible to place an order without any registration.
When ordering, make sure that the information you provide is correct and up to date. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email. To receive the order confirmation, one should include the e-mail address when ordering. If you create a customer account on our website, you can also use it to check the content of your order. If you need help with using our Online Store, please contact myynti@nakafinland.fi.


If you cannot select the country where you want to get the shipment, please contact our customer service myynti@nakafinland.fi.


We process and ship orders on working days. Products are usually packed and shipped within 1-3 working day after receiving order or payment. However, in the event of huge influx of orders, processing and shipment may be delayed. Domestic deliveries would generally arrive within 1-3 business days of shipment, and EU shipments would generally arrive within 2-7 business days of shipment.

Delivery costs include shipping costs and packing costs.

If you order products outside the EU customs or tax area, please note that you will be responsible for any customs, tax and other surcharges upon arrival of the shipment. Customs regulations vary from country to country, contact your local customs authorities for more information. We reserve the right not to place an order, in which case the amount paid will be refunded to the customer.


Any customer has a 14-day exchange and return right pursuant to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The right to return applies only to unused and merchantable goods in the original package. If you would like to return the product, please contact us by email: myynti@nakafinland.fi - then we provide you with return shipping instructions.
Returns must be sent within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. When you return your purchase, retain the receipt you received for the shipment. Naka Finland Oy is unable to refund the return if the shipment is lost. The money will be refunded once the return has been received, verified and approved.
Naka Finland Oy will bear the costs of the return within the EU. NOTICE! For customer returns from outside the EU, we will charge the customer a customs fee of €20.

When you receive a shipment, check it immediately. If the package is damaged during transport, a claim regarding the product should be immediately filed to the shipping company. If you discover any damage to the package only after opening and the products are broken, the shipment should be sent to the shipping company as soon as possible and a proper claim should be filed. Also notify Naka Finland Oy by email to myynti@nakafinland.fi.
Before putting the products into use, check that the products correspond to what was ordered. In case the shipment includes incorrect or extra products, the packages should not be opened and the products put not into service. Contact then Naka Finland Oy at myynti@nakafinland.fi immediately. Once the product packages have been opened or incorrect/extra products have been used, they cannot be refunded to the customer.
If your shipment includes defective products, contact Naka Finland Oy: myynti@nakafinland.fi. The defect should be documented with photos, for example.
Report a defective delivery or defective product as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after receiving the product. If possible, Naka Finland Oy will replace the product found to be faulty or defective with a new product. If the product cannot be replaced, the amount paid for the product will be refunded to the customer.
Please note that handmade products may contain irregularities that are not regarded as product defects but as part of the nature of the product.

Failure to redeem is not the same as a return or cancellation. For the shipments not picked up we charge a separate fee of € 20.

The customer has the right to cancel the order. Notice of cancellation should be given within 14 days of ordering the goods. However, please note that once your order has been paid, it will be processed and no further changes will be possible. Orders are usually shipped within 1-5 days of ordering.
The notice of cancellation can be sent by email to myynti@nakafinland.fi, and we will immediately notify you of the receipt of this notice. The notice of cancellation shall include the following information: order number, customer name, address, telephone number, email address, order date, date of receipt, products ordered, and date.
The goods need to be returned to Naka Finland Oy without delay and no later than 14 days after the notice of cancellation is given. The time-limit shall be met if the goods are returned before the expiry of the 14-day time-limit.

The Naka Finland Oy´s Online Store is presented as is. Naka Finland Oy endeavors to maintain its website properly but does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness or timeliness of the information. All pictures in the Online Store are examples and for reference only, the products are individual.
Naka Finland Oy does not guarantee the availability of all products in the Online Store.
Naka Finland Oy is not responsible for the information provided by third parties.

We reserve the right to change our delivery terms and payment terms. Prior to placing an order, the Customer should read the applicable terms and conditions; when ordering, the Customer shall accept the terms of delivery and payment.
In order to comply with the trader's information obligation (ADR Directive): If the dispute is not resolved by negotiation between the parties, the Consumer may bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Committee. Before referring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Committee, https://www.kuluttajariita.fi, the Consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Services at administrative councils: https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/