Questions and answers

Can the shelf be attached to a tile surface?

Most tile surfaces are suitable for tape mounting. Prior to installation, make sure that there is sufficient contact surface (flatness of the wall surface). The height difference between tiles must not be too big so that the shelf attaches strongly. 


What does it mean when you say: for surfaces, where glue mounting is not possible, choose a shelf with screw mounting?

If the surface has an anti-adhesive treatment, such as oil or nano coating, etc., and it cannot be cleaned/removed from the installation area, we recommend choosing a screw fastening.
Strongly structured tiles are not suitable for tape mounting if there is not enough contact surface.             


Is it possible to remove the shelf later, will it leave smudges of tape on the wall?                      

The tape attachment of the shelf is designed to be permanent. If necessary, it is possible to remove the shelf using, for example, strong fishing line or piano wire. Glue residues can be removed from the wall with glue remover or acetone (nail polish remover).     


The shelf didn't stay on the wall with tape for more than a couple of months, is there something wrong with the tape?   

When there have been problems with shelf mounting, the reason is usually either forgetting the primer during installation or chemical residues left on the wall surface. When installed according to the instructions, the mounting is permanent and water-resistant.                                                  


Can the shelf be installed in the shower, is it water resistant?

The material and mounting of the shelf are waterproof, the shelf can be installed in the shower. 


Are there holes in the bottom of the shelf to allow water to drain from the shelf? 

The sides of the shelves are open, so the water can drain freely and does not stand inside the shelf. Cleaning is easy when the bottom is smooth with no extra holes.


What is the shipping policy for orders containing items with different delivery times?

If your order includes a product that has been assigned a separate delivery time, we will dispatch all items in your order simultaneously once the entire order is ready for processing.