Image bank terms of use

1. Naka Finland Oy owns all rights to the images.

1. Images may only be used in connection with articles published about Naka Finland Oy and in other publications dealing with Naka Finland Oy.

3. Publications must always be accompanied by the source code of the licensee, which is indicated on the image download page. If the source entry text about the owner of the license is missing from the download page, the text must be used: Image: Naka Finland Oy.

4. Except for cropping the image, the images may not be manipulated without the permission of Naka Finland Oy.

5. The user of the images agrees to use the images only for his own use. Images may not be passed on to third parties in any form.

6. The user of the images may not use our material for any purpose contrary to the law, or for any purpose that is offensive to the company, person or trademark. Serious violations can result in legal sanctions.

7. The user of the images must make every effort to prevent unauthorized further use of the material.

8. The user of the images is always responsible for publishing the images. Naka Finland Oy is not liable for any indirect or consequential damages to the user or publisher of the images.